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on highway 37. >>> oakland's top cop now wants help from the feds. chief batts says he may ask the u.s. department of justice to help with investigations following the staffing layoffs of 80 officers. batts says oakland cops are now going to focus on three things, gangs, guns and drugs. he says to be more efficient, injured officers will work police phone lines. he is meeting with federal agencies next month to talk about possible help. >>> the bart connector to the oakland airport is back on track. the bart board yesterday approving a new financing plan for the project. the automated people mover would connect the coliseum station to the airport. in february, the federal government denied bart $70 million in stimulus funding. the new financing plan uses more state money and taps into bart's reserve fund. there is no word on when this construction might begin. >>> in other action. >> in other action the board tabled action on reducing fares due to an unexpected surplus. >>> in other news it first made news with the fatal shooting of a suspects but a marijuana raid in a remote area of s
less than a week after the u.s. senate passed the landmark bill. the overhaul would give the federal government new powers to close failing banks and monitor consumer loans among other things. the purpose is to protect the nation from another financial meltdown. >>> congress is a step closer to restarting unemployment benefits for 2.5 million americans who still can't find work. yesterday, senate democrats beat a republican filibuster to pass the extension. republicans say they would support it only if it didn't add to the nation's deficit. democrats got the crucial 60th vote earlier in the day when cart goodwin was sworn in as interim senator from west virginia, replacing the late robert byrd. the bill still needs to pass the house before going to president obama. >>> 6:12. some lifeguards rescued themselves. coming up, how a group of citizens saved the jobs of lifeguards in santa cruz county. >>> and here's a look at a really nice sunrise under way. it's 6:12 our sunrise at 604, this is taken from our camera in mount vaca. yeah. plenty of sunshine there. but what about the rest of
billion in assets and has set aside more than $32 billion to cover costs from the oil leak. the u.s. government says a relief well needed to permanently plug the leak could be completed as soon as august 7. >>> on capitol hill, the house has approved more funding for the u.s. military build-up in afghanistan. the war funding bill had been delayed for weeks as democrats and republicans battled over additional money for domestic programs. the pared-back $59 billion measure passed yesterday by a 308-114 vote. the most notable division was among democrats. president obama sought the funding but many democrats oppose the bill. the president had to rely on republican votes to get it approved. >>> former bay area congresswoman ellen tauscher has cancer. she says it's early stage esophogeal cancer and the prognosis is good. the 58-year-old is now undergoing an aggressive treatment regimen. she represented the walnut creek area on capitol hill for 14 years. she now has a high level position in the u.s. state department. in a memo she says she will keep working as much as possible during her
at the 2010 u.s. open. [ more screaming ] >> 3,000 competitors from 40 countries were at the karate karate tournament. she credits her success to hard work -- [ continuing screaming ] >> -- and a vicious yell. she says she trains every day before a big tournament. the division she competes in is 7 to 10-year-old boys and girls. >> wouldn't you like her to be your friend on the playground? >> i wouldn't want to be her enemy. >>> facebook has signed up their 500 millionth member. they get new customers every eight seconds and the users average 130 friends each. our question. day: who is the most interesting person you have reconnected with on facebook? >> david from clayton on facebook says, my high school teachers and college professors. i see these ladies and gentlemen in a whole new light at the age of 47. [ laughter ] >> a lot smarter, huh? "i have reconnected with some of my bestest of friends that have always been in my mind. i have really enjoyed getting to be part of their lives once again." >> raymond says, "many people from the past, from grade school to now, most from high school.
truck in brent wood plus let you know if it is causing delays. >>> it is 6:11 a.m. u.s. and pakistani officials are condemning the release of classified documents on the war in afghanistan. the whistle blower website wiki leaks posted 91,000 military records with details of six years of the war. the founder says there appears to be evidence of war crimes if those documents. the documents also include information about unreported incidents, afghan civilian deaths and cosort operations against taliban figures. general james jones says the leak could put lives of americans at risk. >>> county hayward -- tony hayward expected to resign as early as today as head of bps executive. he has been the focus of criticism ever since the april explosion that started that massive oil leak in the gulf of mexico. bp says there is no final decision on possible management changes but british media reporting hayward has been negotiating terms of his exit. one person mentioned as a replacement, robert dud lee, currently the managing director that replaced hayward as head of oil leak response team in june.
the one that's been broken. >>> democratic leaders predict the u.s. senate will approve an extension of jobless benefits today. democrats have fallen short recently because of republican filibusters. but today, democrat cart goodwin will be sworn in to replace the late senator robert byrd of west virginia. goodwin is expected to provide the 60th vote the democrats need. about 2.5 million unemployed americans have seen their jobless benefits expire since early june. republicans say they are open to another extension as long as it doesn't add to the deficit. >>> elena kagan is expected to take another step toward the u.s. supreme court today. the senate judiciary committee is set to vote on president obama's nominee. so far no democrat has announced off significance to kagan, opposition and republicans will vote against her. she is expected to get approval from the full senate which will take up the issue next month. >>> 6:13. thanks but no thanks. that's what bart passengers are apparently saying to a plan to temporarily reduce transit fares. we'll tell you why those commuters are aga
on this and big changes for the commute through hayward coming up. >>> one of two u.s. navy members missing in afghanistan is now confirmed dead. that is the word from a nato official who told "associated press" the sailor's body has been recovered. that was confirmed in colorado by the family of 30-year-old justin mcnelly. the search continues for the other sailor. the taliban have said that he is in a safe place where he will not be found. they were reported missing on friday after an armored suv was seen driving into a taliban- held area of eastern afghanistan. >>> tony hayward is on his way out. this morning, bp made it official. it's ceo is stepping down effective october 1. hayward came under fire for comments he has made about the gulf oil leak. hayward might, though, be getting a new job with bp in russia at more than a million dollars a year. robert dudley that man, will be the new bp boss, the first american to hold the position. he almost got the job three years ago but lost out to tony hayward. >>> greenpeace says it is sending a message to the new boss at bp to stop drilling th
:46. they are being called the toughest restrictions on the u.s. financial industry since the great depression. >> now it is up to president obama to sign the financial reform measure into law. yesterday, the senate passed the bill which would give the government new powers to break up companies that threaten the economy. it also aims to give consumers more protection in their financial transactions. the president is expected to sign it as soon as wednesday. >> and just to let you know, we are awaiting a statement from president bush in the rose garden before he goes on vacation. >> obama. >> i'm sorry. obama. where did i get that? >> i have no idea. [ laughter ] >> sorry. >>> there is a new line that's arrived at forever21 a popular teen clothing store. >> maternity clothes. some moms are saying that they are outraged, but we wanted to ask you what you think this morning. >> does that new clothing line send the wrong message? denny says he doesn't think the store is doing anything wrong and these parents should spend more time with their children and less time worrying about forever21. these kids sh
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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